Understanding Behavior in Neurodiverse Children

For parents of kids whose brains work somewhat differently than their “neurotypical” peers, managing their distracted, disorganized, and disruptive behaviors can be overwhelming. The key to managing the challenging behaviors of kids with ADHD, ASD and other learning and behavioral differences is understanding that behavior is communication, and the challenge is to understand the difference between when they are actively choosing their behaviors (when they won’t do something) and when their brain differences guide their behavior (when they can’t do something).
This webinar will address the first step to support your child: gaining awareness of the root causes and functions of your child’s challenging behaviors. With this awareness, parents can identify effective and loving interventions that help boost children's self-esteem and help them feel seen and understood.
You will learn:
  • The possible motivations and functions of your child’s behaviors
  • Strategies for identifying what your child is trying to communicate via their behavior
  • How to observe and catalog the “ABCs” of behavior (Antecedent/Behavior/Consequence)
Bring a challenging scenario with you to the webinar. We'll practice working through identifying what happens before, during, and after the behavior to build awareness, the first step towards finding solutions.

For parents of children age 5 and up.

Registration includes access to a recording to watch later and handouts.

Your Instructor

Jen Dryer
Jen Dryer

Jen Dryer is a PEP parent educator specializing in helping parents of neurodivergent children, including children with learning, behavioral and/or developmental challenges. She is also an educational consultant and advocate who works with parents, teachers, and school administrators.

A graduate of Brown University (BA) and Columbia University’s Teachers College (MA), Jen is a native New Yorker who moved to DC in January 2009. Prior to her work as a PEP parent educator, advocate and educational consultant, Jen was an educator in public, charter, and private schools. She was also a Literacy Coach/Staff Developer.

Jen is the mother of two sweet, loving, and energetic boys, the younger of whom is autistic and ADHD. Early intervention and strong parent advocacy dramatically shifted the trajectory of her son’s life. Her knowledge, experience and practical strategies have helped hundreds of parents support their child’s growth and development while meeting the needs of daily family life.

"Excellent - as always! I have LOVED this webinars and honestly look forward to them. They provide me with a sense of confidence in my parenting and a sense that I am not alone but that you all have my back. So thank you!"

--Participant, PEP Online


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